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Birthdate:Jul 18

Name: Rapunzel
Age: 18
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Relationship Status: Very infatuated with [info]Flynn Rider.

Series: Tangled (2010 Movie)
Version: After she discovers that she’s the lost princess, but before Flynn comes to save her.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: The main thing to notice about Rapunzel’s appearance is her LONG LONG LONG hair. It has grown out for 18 years, so it’s several feet long. Thankfully, Rapunzel takes very good care of it, so it is a shiny, healthy blonde color that is strong and rather fluffy. There is a small chunk of brunette hair near the nape of her neck that remains well hidden by the rest of her locks. Rapunzel has a round face, a few freckles, light brown eyebrows, large green eyes, and her complexion is neither too pale nor incredibly tan. She has a cheery smile, and a kind sort of face that draws people to her.

Body wise, she is thin and lanky. She’s very active girl, which keeps her incredibly fit, but she is leaner than she is built. Her legs and arms are willowy and graceful, but her hands and feet are actually slightly rough thanks to the amount of time she spends running around barefoot and doing crafts. Often caught in a purple dress, she doesn’t seem to wear any other defining pieces of clothing.

Her hair will glow a bright gold when she sings, as it gives off magic and has the ability to heal. A very proper way to think of this is like the glow of the sun.

Personality: Rapunzel can be described as incredibly lovable, gentle, kind, and cheerful, but because of her sheltered life she has a tendency to be curious and naïve. She was raised all by herself in a tower, and while she was taught to be weary of strangers and all sorts of dangers, she doesn’t actually scare easily. All her life she has only had her mother, and her only friend comes in the form of a small chameleon named Pascal. How she acquired said chameleon is unknown.

Rapunzel is a dreamer. All her life she has watched the world from her tower, and dreamed of seeing the floating lights that appear in the night sky on her birthday. When she truly wants something, Rapunzel is stubborn and persistent, and will do just about all she can to see that she gets it. She’s not selfish, she’s just very determined. Even when she finally leaves her tower, after craftily getting Flynn to agree to take her, she suffers from guilt over how her mother might feel if she finds out. Even though she hasn’t seen much of the world, Rapunzel adapts to things easily, learns quickly, and is actually very bright.

The girl has a feisty side, and though she can be jumpy when feeling uneasy, she will fight if she really has to. Rapunzel carries around a frying pan as her main weapon, but she will also use her hair when in sticky situations as well. She’s quite talented, and will actually get the upper hand most of the time. But she doesn’t actually like fighting and prefers to talk things over as much as she can. She has a sort of charm that gets to people, even the roughest and toughest sort of guys you’ll meet.

Another thing to note is that Rapunzel is very straightforward and loyal. She says herself she never breaks a promise, and while she meets virtual strangers along her short journey, she still gets along with just about anyone. She takes care of Flynn, regardless of the fact that he’s a thief, and later develops feelings for him. She can be very blunt and honest, but all in all she has a kind and pure nature.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Rapunzel’s most astonishing ability comes from her hair. Thanks to the power of a healing flower her mother consumed when she was pregnant with her, Rapunzel inherited the power through her golden hair. When she sings a special song, her hair will light up and has the power to reverse aging and heal wounds. She is aware of this ability and for a long time kept it a secret, thanks to Mother Gothel telling her people would try and steal her gift, but after she learns the truth about her ‘mother’, Rapunzel was more willing to share her gift.

As for weaponry, she uses a frying pan to hit people if they are a threat to her, but she’s not trained with the thing. It’s just a piece of cookware good for knocking people out.
Rapunzel’s true strength comes from her heart. She is good and kind, as well as courageous. Despite not knowing about the outside world, she still ventures out into the unknown to achieve her dream. And even at the expense of her own happiness, she will fight for people she loves. She has a lot of wisdom and cleverness, which helps her understand situations and pick good ways to get around obstacles. Of course, she has ditzy moments, but really she is a very intelligent young woman with a lot of potential to do great things. She’s well read and has a variety of skills, mostly because she’s had years and years of alone time to just practice.

Weaknesses: If Rapunzel’s hair is cut, it turns brown and loses its power. That’s why it’s so long; Mother Gothel never let a pair of scissors near her precious flower. The loss of her power won’t kill her, but still, it’s a weakness in its own right. Other than haircuts, Rapunzel also has the weaknesses of any other average human. Her hair doesn’t do anything to make her super strong or anything cool like that. :I

A big part of Rapunzel’s mental weaknesses stem from her isolation from people all her life. She’s has a lot of skills, but socially she can still be a bit awkward. It’s not that she hides from people or anything; she actually gets along really well with people. It’s more that she isn’t aware of what might be ‘wrong’ to do in a situation. She’s very cheery and empathetic, but she might not understand if someone is getting annoyed. Her bubbliness might actually tick someone off if they don’t think she’s one of the cutest things on the planet.

She also has a tendency to be a bit naïve and gullible. She trusts easily, which can get her into trouble if someone is intent on using her, but is pretty slick in how they go about it.

History: Rapunzel’s story starts with the sun. One day, a drop of light fell from the earth’s source of light and energy, and when it touched the ground, the droplet bloomed into a beautiful gold flower. It had magical qualities, as it could heal people. It remained untouched and only a legend until an old woman happened upon it, figuring out the secret to its power. When someone sang to the flower, it would reveal its gifts. For hundreds of years the old woman, named Mother Gothel, kept the flower to herself and told no one of its magic. However, over the years a kingdom sprouted up on the island where the flower resided, and people knew of its existence.

The current rulers of the kingdom were expecting a baby when the queen fell ill. With her close to death, the king ordered a search for the flower, and much to Mother Gothel’s dismay, the flower was found. Uprooted and taken back to the castle, the flower was mixed into a healing potion for the queen and the plant was lost. However, its power was carried over to the baby girl the queen gave birth to, the magic residing in Rapunzel’s golden hair. Sometime when Rapunzel was a toddler, Motherl Gothel came to the castle and tried cutting a piece of Rapunzel’s hair for herself. When she realized the magic was lost if the baby’s hair was cut, Gother kidnapped Rapunzel and stole her away. Even though the kingdom searched and searched, Rapunzel had been hidden away from the world in a high tower deep the forest. She was not found.

For eighteen years, Rapunzel grew, and so did her hair. She dreamed of leaving her tower, but was never old enough to go out on her own, and Mother Gothel refused to take her outside. She entertained herself with a variety of things, but every year on her birthday, Rapunzel couldn’t help but want to go and see the lights in the sky that only showed up on that night (They were actually lanterns her real parents and the subjects of her kingdom floated up into the air in her honor). On her eighteenth birthday, she gathered up the courage to ask her mother if she could leave, and was very intensely denied her wish.

Fate brings her a way to achieve her dream; however, as the thief Flynn Rider discovers her tower while on the run from the law. In trouble for nabbing the tiara of the lost princess, Flynn is being pursued by the royal knights when he finds Rapunzel’s home and climbs the tower. Once inside though, Rapunzel knocks him over the head with a frying pan, scared that he is one of the thugs or ruffians her mother warned her about. While Flynn in out, she inspects the satchel with the tiara and puts it on. Not knowing what else to do with it, she hides the bag and the crown. Rapunzel also hides Flynn in a closet when Gothel returns, and after she is again denied her wish to go see the lights, Rapunzel tricks her mother into leaving the tower to get her seashells for her birthday instead. Gothel leaves, hoping to placate her daughter, and Rapunzel ties up Flynn with her hair. She questions him when he wakes, and eventually offers him a deal. She’ll return the satchel to him in exchange for him being her guide to the kingdom. Without any other options of getting his loot back, Flynn agrees. Once out of the tower, Rapunzel goes through periods of excitement and guilt over being free at the cost of tricking her mother, and Flynn grows weary of having to guide the girl around. In an attempt to scare her back home, he brings her to the Snuggly Duckling, where the bandits and scary men inside should do the trick of frightening her.

This ploy has the opposite effect, actually. After the thugs try to get hold of Flynn for the reward money he’ll bring, Rapunzel stops the men by asking if any of them has ever had a dream, as she needs Flynn to take her onward. After a fun musical number, the men of the Snuggly Duckling help Rapunzel and Flynn to escape when the guards bust in. In the meantime, Gothel has realized Rapunzel is gone, and found her daughter at the tavern. Unable to get to her, she finds out where the secret passage Flynn and Rapunzel used to escape lets out, and goes to wait.

The two traveling partners make their way down the passage, but the guards eventually catch up. They try to escape, but find themselves in a gorge next to a dam when they try to flee. Caught between a ton of obstacles, including the twin robbers Flynn ditched and got arrested after snagging the tiara, Flynn and Rapunzel try to fight their way out, but the dam ends up giving, trapping them in a chamber slowly filling with water with no way out. Flynn cuts his hand trying to escape, and when it seems like they won’t make it, Flynn reveals his real name to Rapunzel and she in turn tells him about her hair. Realizing they can use her hair’s light to see in the dark cave, Rapunzel sings, they find an exit, and they dig their way out. Rapunzel heals Flynn’s hand with her hair, and they exchange stories and bond over the camp fire. Rapunzel at this point is really starting to like Flynn, and she hopes he feels the same.

When Flynn leaves for more firewood, Gothel shows up and tries to bring Rapunzel home. That attempt fails, so she hands Rapunzel the tiara and tells her to give it to Flynn, thinking he will leave once he has his treasure back. Gothel is also now in cahoots with the guys Flynn screwed over, and they are out fr revenge, as well as the money they could make from selling Rapunzel. Gothel leaves, and Rapunzel keeps faith in Flynn for now. Eventually, they meet up with Maximus the hoarse again, who is still out to arrest Flynn, but Rapunzel convinces them to put aside their differences for one more day so she can see her dream. Once they make it to the kingdom, Rapunzel has the time of her life, and as he watches her, Flynn starts to see how much he likes the girl. When night falls, they go to see the lanterns, and the two share a completely beautiful and romantic moment in which they almost kiss.

The moment is ruined though, as the twins signal Flynn and he goes to them, intent on handing over the crown. He doesn’t want it anymore, and only wants Rapunzel with him. She waits while he goes off, and is heartbroken when he doesn’t return. Thinking Flynn has betrayed her, and after almost getting kidnapped by the thugs, Gothel is seen to betray the men and takes her daughter home. Rapunzel is taken back to her tower, thinking that her dreams are crushed. When she falls back on her bed however, she opens her eyes later to see that all the painting she’s done in her room have the same design as the insignia of the kingdom. She puts two and two together and realizes it is from her early memories, finally discovering she is the lost princess. When she confronts Mother Gothel and learns the truth about Flynn’s ‘betrayal’, Rapunzel tries to leave. Gothel ties her up however, and waits for Flynn to escape jail, meaning to kill him so the secret of Rapunzel’s hair dies with him.

I am taking Rapunzel from this point in the movie, so I won’t reveal the ending. If I need to writ more to tie up loose ends however, please let me know. :)

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